Instrument Track Controls - How to access them?

I’m new to Cubase and still learning the basics. The Cubase 8 manual, p. 92, describes “Instrument Track Controls” (see attached). How do I access the “Instrument Track Controls”, as pictured? I’ve never seen it, I don’t think.

If you go to the extreme right to the top of the arrange page. Second from the left is a window pane under the Cubase icon - click on that and a widow pops up - tick the Inspector box. Then the track inspector is visible. It does not look exactly like you image but all the buttons and controls are there. Obviously you have to have the instrument track that you want highlighted.

Thanks, I see the “Inspector” but thought I was missing something important. I guess that pic is from pre-version-8. Thanks again.

What you’re looking for, you find by right-clicking on the Track, then choosing “Track Control Settings”. You can then pick what will show up by default on the Track.

Steinberg made some weird choices with the Track Controls this version. By default, most of them are hidden, and they don’t “wrap” when you change the size of the Track. So it’s easy to have them there, but hidden by the border to the Arranger window. :frowning:

Thanks for that enjneer. I did see the Track Control Settings but had not investigated it because I prefer the tracks to be more streamlined so as to get more on view.

Thanks. I see the extra controls in there which I can add. I’ll leave things as they are for now and come back to this once I have a better handle on the beginner-level things.