instrument track enable/disable - initialization


This is not directly a bug i guess, but still…

case:when you use the enable/disable function for instrument tracks in a template, and those vsti’s have multiple outputs assigned.


  • you use multiple outputs on a vsti (e.g. groove agent se4)
  • you disable the track
  • you save the template
  • close cubase
  • reopen cubase
  • load the template

While initializing, a question pops up if i want to remove the (extra) tracks. (the instrument track is still disabled and cubase seems not to see that these tracks are assigned to a certain vsti of a disabled instrument track)

Not a real problem, since i can choose to cancel and everything loads, and once loaded there are no other bugs or errors occuring for me. Everything is working fine. But i guess this is not the intended behaviour ? :slight_smile:

Does dit happen only to me ?
Is this categorized as a bug, or should i report it as an issue ?
Is this already reported ?

kind regards,