Instrument Track Inspector

I cant find the Instrument Track Inspector on Cubase 10 Pro! On other versions it is located on the left hand side of the screen, it shows it there on the manual but I cant seem to find it! Any Help please?

Hi and welcome,

Right-click in-between the tabs in the Inspector (on the left-side), and enable the Inspector part you want to show.

I’m reading the question differently than Martin. If you are saying that the entire Inspector is not visible then you need to open the Right Zone where the Inspector lives. It should be right next to the buttons to open the other (left & bottom) zones.


All Inspectors are always in the Left Zone. What kind of panel do you mean, please? Do you mean VST Instruments Rack?

Sorry, there is apparently a bit of New Year’s Eve still in the air. Yes every time I wrote “right” it should be “left”


Here it’s described in the manual. Unfortunately without a picture, so you will not find it, if you don’t know, where to search for it. :-/