Instrument Track MIDI Channel question.

Simple question I guess but can’t find straight answer … Instrument Tracks…

… have option to assign MIDI channel. I’m now stuck abroad (due to “the situation”), don’t have access to my gear to figure that out experimenting, so I’d like to ask someone to clearly explain - is that Midi In channel from midi controller as selected on the inspector (1 on the picture), or Midi output from the instrument?

This channel is used for all midi signals coming from this track to the assigned Instrument. There is no simple option (neither on midi channels nor on instrument channels) to control/filter the input channel - this can be achieved by using the input transformer (filter out all channels but one - there are presets for this purpose).

Additionally if you set it to “All” it will pass thru the channel info from the controller - whatever that is.

I want to route signals from external MIDI (Yamaha RM1x) to different tracks using different channels, seems it’ll not be any difficult with the transformer.

Thank you, gents; all clear now :wink:

Now that I’m at my DAW I see it should be “Any” rather than “All”