instrument track midi data routing options

guys. the instrument track is great for keeping it tidy with all midi date in one place, note, velocities, volume, automation etc.
it would be nm even better feature if you had the ability to re-route all that data to a rack vst. there are scenarios where for instance groove agent is being used but you want disslove the parts to seperate tracks for easier editing… but you are stuck with having a seperate vst instrument being loaded for every drum tracks sample or pad even though you are using the same drum sample set. its makes sense to have, if needed the one vst rack version loaded to reduce the use of ram and cpu resources and just route the instrumant track data to the once rack instance.
you may ask why its an issue… well ive noticed that apart from having multiple versions of the same drum set loaded in separate groove agent vsts, when you go to edit a tracks pad/sample all the other pads are loaded with the default sound for the loaded drum set, even though you may of edited another pad from another track, this isnt repesented in the current tracks pads you wanting to edit. example:. you edit a kick drum on track one, save your modifed set, then move onto the snare track to edit the sound. the kick drum edited moments ago is showing as the default kick. if you were routing all the tracks data to one vst rack version of groove agent theres only one instance so all previously edited pads reflected and editing accordingly.

is this a possibilty. it would be a massive improvement.

It’s unclear what you mean by “re-route all that data” but you can have multiple midi tracks pointing at one instrument track. Just select the instrument track instance in the midi tracks “Out” dropdown and adjust the channel number if you need to. In this scenario the instrument track functions like a rack instrument audio output (although it also accepts midi data).

Very unclear
A midi or instrument track has the assigned instrument already as it’s destination. If you want more destinations just copy the track and assign it to a new instrument.