Instrument Track - Midi Ports - Vienna Ensemble Pro


I’m desperately trying to find how to change midi port or buses within an instrument track so that I can access different ports on a single VEPro instance. I can do it in REAPER with Reaticulate using the “Map VST3’s midi buses to REAPER midi buses”.

There has to be a way to do this in Cubase without using instrument rack.

Any thoughts?

Hi you, I think it is possible to select the midi channel of the instrument track in the channel inspector!
If you want to control multiple timbres of a multitimbral vst-Instrument you can add midi tracks and route them to the instrument and selecting the midi channel separately as far as I remember.

Hope that works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply,

Midi channel switching is fine. What I wish to to do is switch ports so that I can control 16 midi channels on up to 16 ports to be able to have up to 256 articulations on a single instrument track and not an instrument rack. I can do this easily in REAPER.

Make sure you’re using the VST3 version of VEP, the VST2 version only has one midi port.

I am using VST3 and VEPro is not the issue here. I can’t see where to map this on Cubase’s end. The expression maps don’t offer port switching and neither do instrument tracks to my knowledge.

In the inspector, the ouput routing should have VEP midi 1, midi 2 etc for the 8 midi ports (or however many you have enabled). Don’t forget to enable VEP outputs, inputs and midi ports in both the VEP slave AND the Cubase plugin.

Still can’t see it. Are we both talking about an instrument track? I can do it with a midi track and that’s great but unfortunately even then, expression maps can’t switch ports. In REAPER and Reaticulate (similar to expression maps), I can map multiple midi ports to the same map and track. I can even add multiple maps to the same track to trigger up to 16 channels on 16 ports in a single VEPro instance. I can then have up to 256 articulations on the same track. With Cubase, it seems I would need at least 2 tracks (instrument+midi) to even manually switch ports in the inspector. But thanks for the help.

I guess we’ll need to wait for midi 2.0 for this to work in Cubase. Or at least they could make it work with expression maps.

If anyone can think of something I did not, please let us know. Thanks for the help guys!

Sorry, I wasn’t clear that you wanted multiple port routing within an expression map, I don’t think that will work.

No worries, I just wish Steinberg give midi a little more attention on the next releases. With USB 2.0 now announced, we’ll surly see some major improvements on this end. Hopefully not too far away.