instrument track presets don't save input gain anymore

When I create an instrument track preset with any vst instrument and change the input gain in the “pre” section, it doesn’t save the input gain. When I use it for another track, it is at 0 db again. When I use old track presets created with Cubase 6, it’s the same issue. It only happens with instrument tracks…

  1. create an empty project
  2. add an instrument track with any vst instrument (e.g. Retrologue)
  3. change the input gain in the “pre” section to - 10 db (or whatever)
  4. save this track as a track preset
  5. create another track using this track preset
    result: input gain is always at 0db again

This really sucks for me because for almost every track preset I created with Cubase 6 I changed the input gain and using them in Cubase 8 makes them sound totally different if any compressors… are already saved with the preset. Steinberg, please fix this or days of work will be in vain for me!

Thank You!