Instrument Track Problem

It’s probably because of my ignorance, but occasionally when I open a project, the routing of one or more Instrument tracks will have lost their output routing. In other words, I play the song and those Instrument tracks have no sound. If I re-set up the routing in the Project Window, there is still not sound.

The only remedy I’ve found is the create a new track and drag the MIDI file to it.

Or maybe this is a bug. Any advice?

Thank you,


o/s and Cubase version?


Is really the output routing lost or the Instrument itself? What exactly do you re-set up in the Project window, please?

When I got a problem like that , first I stop working on important materiel and I create a TEST project and concentrate on that I experiment until I find a solution. Maybe you can try that coz when you work on an important project you are afraid to try… and erase something but on a TEST you can try anything andf concentrate only on the problem Usually in one hour I find the solution Good luck

Has your vst-connections (f4) changed between opening the project ?

I’m using Cubase Artist 8.35 on a PC, Win. 7. A friend of mine using Artist 8.5 is occasionally having the same problem.

This is not a VST connections issue and the instrument still appears in the inspector as does the routing input and output info in the inspector. When I go to the inspector output for the instrument track, choose no output and tern re-choose the same output as before, still no sound.

But in the Mixer window, there is no output for the track that’s listed even though there is in the inspector. As soon as I select an output (stereo bus) in the mixer window I get sound from the track again.

Hmmm, interesting. I have never seen this.

Is there any way, how to reproduce this issue? Is it always the same with certain project?

I got the same shit ! but I given up on finding any other solution then to create a new instru track. sometimes I close the project and when I open it the sound is on again, sometimes not. and sometimes if I copy all the settings from the old to the new instr track the silence follows…I need to copy manually. really frustrating

It’s happened on more than one project and I can’t reproduce it.

When it happened to my friend, and it was just once, he had lost power during a storm. When the power came back on and he rebooted,his experience was just as I have described.

I’ve had it happen 3 times now, I think.

Could you share one of the project (without the audio material) with me, please?

Can you try if solo/ defeat makes the track play again? If so, you ran into the same as I did once:

Apparently an older, inconsistent issue…

Hi Martin,

I don’t currently have a project where this is an issue in that I’ve replaced the failed instrument track with another on all projects where this has happened.

If it happens again, can I save the project and then take you up on your offer?

Yes, please!