Instrument track sound keeps going - help required!!

Strange things are happening, only since updating to Cubase 10.0.15 - though I’d like to think it is a co-incidence…

So I program Groove Agent drum parts as per normal, only part way through - at random times - the sound just goes. No explanation, I still hear my audio tracks, but no drums, neither when I play the drum notes on my keyboard. NO expanation, just gone. I still see the parts as before, just the sound is gone!!

I then open a new track (exactly the same type of track, a Groove Agent - Simon Phillips kit preset) and this one works fine, for a short while (maybe half hour…)before going again. The tracks are routed straight to the master, and no controls have been altered. For the sake of temporary workflow I can copy the part from the “broken” track into the new one and I can hear it.

The same thing happens if I do a Kontakt instrument track, so it is not a direct Groove Agent issue.

Has anyone experienced this issue and if so, is there a reason/cure?

It’s wierd!!

Bump, if anyone can help.

PS I have the latest Focusrite Control.

Bumped again, still happening, help! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: