Instrument Track Volume, multiple output faders problem

I’ve had an issue since Nuendo 7 with adjusting instrument track volume, specifically with instrument tracks that use more than one stereo output.

As part of my workflow, I usually work with a VST instrument track (rather than rack instruments) and activate multiple outputs for say, something like NI Battery. I spend most of my time in the Project Window, so I like to grab the volume automation faders (with any kind of track) to adjust volume or write in automation. This works as expected for mono/stereo audio tracks and instruments (rack and track) that only use one stereo output. The problem is when there is an instrument track with multiple outputs: clicking and holding on the volume level should allow me to adjust a fader for the output’s volume level. Instead, clicking on these areas just increments the volume level by 1.0db, and dragging up or down does nothing. If I do this past the Volume Max (I set to +12 dB), the track is set to -∞ and then will not move if clicked again.

By comparison:

  • Adjusting these values from the Inspector or the Mix Console works as intended
  • Rack instruments with multiple outputs do this properly
  • Instrument tracks with one stereo output does this properly
  • Mono and stereo audio tracks, groups, VCAs, and FX channels do this properly

Attaching an image with a side by side comparison. The red tracks are a VST Instrument Track with 16 stereo outputs activated, the green track is a simple stereo audio track.

Am I doing something wrong or have I caught a bug?

Running: Win 8.1 x64, Nuendo 7.0.30


I can confirm this also on Mac.

I will report it as a bug. Thank you!

Sorry to highjack such an old thread, but I am having this exact problem within Cubase 8. The track volume fader within the arranger window on any multi output track jump up in increments of +1dB when you click on the volume control, until it resets to no volume at all, and then it becomes inactive as a control. The weird thing is, the volume faders within the mixer work fine. Was this confirmed to be a bug? Anyone know if it’s fixed within later versions of Cubase?