Instrument Tracks

From the Cubase manual:

•Due to the limitation to one output channel, instrument tracks play only the first voice of a multi-timbral VST instrument. If you want to use all voices, you have to load the instrument via the VST Instruments window and set up a MIDI channel to play it.

Is this confusing language? I assume it means that an instrument track will only play the first INSTRUMENT of a loaded VSTi. In other words G-player has 16 instruments it can load, so you can only play back the first. Certainly it does not mean it only plays 1 voice of a multi-timberal instrument?

Am I not getting it? Perhaps it’s right and I’m not understanding.

It will play any voice you can set to channel one.

It does read a lill confusing.

Probably a German —>English translation thang.


Curteye, Love the av bro. I was ROFL.

Yea, I forgot about the whole German thing. I think you’re probably right. N8, that’s what I figured it was trying to say.