Instrument transposition error

The only part in the score that does not transpose properly is the bass clarinet. The playback is good in the score and the extracted part. However, the extracted part shows the notes an octave lower than they should appear.

Does this help?

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Welcome to my Monday. Thanks!

That worked great, but I still do not understand why it did not transpose correctly by default from the get go. My score is concert pitch and this is the first time this has happened in any of my projects.

There are multiple versions of the Bass Clarinet instrument in Dorico, some sound 8ve lower, others do not. Make sure Setup has chosen the right one for you, especially if you have imported a score.

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Hard to answer your question since you never told us how you entered the notes into Dorico: XML? MIDI? MIDI Keyboard? etc.

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Thanks, This might perhaps answer questions for me in the future. I input directly from my laptop keyboard.