Instrument transposition in parentheses? [SOLVED]

I’m having trouble with instrument transpositions: I would like the score and parts to say “Horn in F 1” but instead the label is “Horn (F) 1”.

This score is based on one of the orchestral templates, and the templates all display “Horn in F 1” (even though the left panel in setup mode says “Horn (F) 1”). I am mystified why my score is different.

I’ve searched the documentation and the forum, but can’t figure this out. Any advice greatly appreciated as always!

Isn’t that the option to display/hide instrument transposition? I think it’s Setup—Edit Names.

Thanks Dan - the full score says “Horn in F” but the part says “Horn (F) 1”. If I hide the instrument transposition then it just says Horn 1.

I just checked the Concert Orchestra template and it’s the same: the score says Horn in F 1, but the part says Horn (F) 1. Is there a way to make the part say Horn in F?

OK I figured it out! Setup mode, Layouts Panel on the right - double click in the layout name and change it to what you want.

Ah, you’re right. I was thinking staff labels, but yes, that’s a layout name issue!

On a related note: I know it’s been discussed before, but how do you actually get the flat symbol for something like a Bb instrument?

You can copy and paste the glyph. IIRC your text font for Layout Names needs to be one that contains the right glyphs.

I may get a “search” slap :laughing:, but… where do I paste the glyph from? Thanks!


That was a gentle pat instead. Thanks! :wink: