Instrument transposition


I found how to use other languages than english for instrument names, but the transposition is always shown with english note names, so in italian the Eb Horn would appear as “Corno in Eb” that is quite awful, because in italian “E” is not a note.

Is there a way to edit the instrument name to obtain a more correct “Corno in Mib”?

Thank you in advance

I don’t think so. Localization is not finished at all, I have written some reports about that for French localization, and I must say I’m happy that my clients did not complain about that. I know it will be fixed in due course, so no offense to my favorite Dorico’s team!

Unfortunately there is still a lot of work left for us to do on staff labelling, which includes correct handling of transpositions in the chosen language.

Is it possible to show Instrument Transpositions along with Full Names on the first page, and only Abbreviated Names (i.e. No Instrument Transpositions) on subsequent pages?

Yes, there are separate options for whether the instrument transposition should be included in full and abbreviated staff labels, on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

My apologies Daniel - I must have looked that page four or five times. Menu blindness.