Instrument variants & Endpoints : how does it work?

Dorico 5 is amazing : thank you to all the team. There is something I might not yet understood. I created variants for Synth and created an endpoint with the mapping of the variants with the proper VSTs. But it does not work : when applying my playing template based on this endpoint, the VST used is always the first of all the VST in the endpoint whatever the variant is.

At the moment, there’s no way to map a newly-created instrument variant to a specific endpoint configuration. We do plan to enable this, but it needs a bit more thought to make sure we are doing it in the most future-proof way. Please watch this space.

Will newly-created instruments be available in the Setup Change Instrument panel soon?
I can create a new Player and see the new instruments, but they do not yet seem to appear in the Change Instrument panel.

Dorico 5 Pro, Win 10 (64-bit)

Newly-created instruments should appear in the picker in the same project in which you created them, and will appear in other projects provided you save them in the user library by clicking the star button in the instrument editor.


Thank you for the quick reply ! Bravo again to the team : amazing work !