Instrumental new age metal guitar piece

I recently uploaded an instrumental piece to my collection of ambient guitar pieces. This one has heavy bits as well as spacey, ambient guitar atmospheres.
I used Amplitube 3 for a lot of the guitars in this piece. I was most impressed with both the clean and distorted tones from IK’s Orange Thunderverb 200 and Soldano SLO amp models.
I also made extensive use of Eventide’s Black Hole reverb in this piece. That one is a winner and definitely a handy tool for composing ambient soundscapes.
Unlike the jazz blues piece I posted here a couple of weeks ago, the drums in this piece were not a live, miked drummer. I used EZ Drummer, and I think it was the Metal Machine kit that I loaded up for this piece.

Nice combination of all sorts of different guitar sounds. Nice playing. I enjoyed it. A bit long, though, I would say.

Hi, agree with early…it’s interesting for 3-4 mins…then it stops being intersting because it’s just the same for another 3-4 mins, it’s a pity because at 3.30 mins long it would be a good piece…Kevin

Great playing here.