Instruments disappearing from instrument tracks

I’ve experienced a really annoying issue which has happened a lot recently:

1: Creating a project
2: Adding instrument tracks, makin’ music
3: Saving project
4: Closing project
5: Opening project at a later time
6: VST instrument missing from instrument track. The “edit instrument” button is greyed out and I loose a lot of work

Of course when I load the instrument back onto the track it doesn’t remember the settings so I have to find/recreate/retweak the preset I had made/loaded which I probably don’t remember anymore so it’s really a big problem and it’s disturbing my workflow a lot.

It looks like it just happens to some third party instruments, so far it has happened with Sylenth1 and Synthmaster2 but they are the ones that I use the most so I don’t know if will happen to other instruments as well. I have no idea what could be causing the issue and it seems to happen randomly to random tracks in the project.

I use the latest version of Cubase Pro 8, Sylenth and Synthmaster on a Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2. I never experienced it before the last Cubase update.

You’d be better off posting this in the general forum to get some advice first

But what I meant to ask was what are you using to bridge Sylenth?..assuming you’re running Cubase at 64 bit. It’s a 32bit plug only isn’t it??
And are you definitely using the 64bit install of Synthmaster?

Hello, and thank you for answering. Sorry for late answer, I thought I would receive an e-mail when someone answered my post…

I was using 32Lives to bridge Sylenth, until I upgraded to the new 64 bit version (finally!).
And I’m sure I am using the 64 bit version of Synthmaster.
But the last months the issue hasn’t happened once, so the problem is over now. No idea what caused it in the first place though… But as long as it doesn’t happen anymore it doesn’t matter!