Instruments drop out during playback

I have long had the same problem and am looking for a solution.
I am using Dorcio 4 (Mac OS Ventura) and HSSE + HSO default playback templates and, say, guitar will be there and then not there for 10 or 20 minutes, and then back again. Let me know if you would like to see a log/file. Thanks.

If the problem appears to be non-deterministic then it will be very difficult to pin it down. I don’t like to jump to the “user error” conclusion, but is it possible that you might be inadvertently muting or soloing instruments in your ensemble? There are some key commands to do this (Alt+M and Alt+S) that it’s possible to trigger inadvertently, and if you don’t have the Mixer or Play mode visible at that point, you won’t see any visual feedback that you’ve made that change. Next time you run into this, try using the commands in the Play menu to reset mute and solo states, and see if that restores playback.

I am frustrated by a related issue, which is a particular instrument (guitar) is sometimes playing back, and intermittently not there.
Sometimes switching between Galley and Page view rectifies it, but sometimes not. Dorico 4.3 on Mac OS 13.6. Thanks for your guidance.

Hi @Jon-Sibelius ,
you are using HALion Sonic as instrument player, right?
Please go to Play mode and open the HALion Sonic editor window. Whenever the plug-in receives MIDI notes from Dorico it will flash the number in front of the used slots.
So please confirm that when some players don’t play also no MIDI indication gets shown in front of their slot . That tells us if we have to look more on Dorico or audio engine side. Thanks

Hi Ulf, Thanks for the reply. Yes I am using HALion Sonic 7. This morning the guitar played fine; this afternoon it is not, and no there is no flashing number in front of its slot during playback.

Thanks for reconfirming, Jonathan.
This suggests to me that it is something on Dorico side, though I can’t imagine how such erratic behaviour could evolve and therefore I am paging my dear colleague @dspreadbury .

@Jon-Sibelius, you posted the same issue in two threads (why not just start a single new one, so that you don’t get different people suggesting different things to you in both places?) so I’ve consolidated them into this new one.

I’ve already given you my own suggestion as to what might be going on, in my initial reply to the first of the two threads you posted in, which is now the second post in this very thread. Please check out the solo and mute states in the Mixer.

Apologies about the double-posting, but thank you for the attention.
User error it is not, I am afraid. If the instrument was inadvertently muted, the slot number would still flash in the HALion Sonic instrument panel.
I just launched the software this evening for the 3rd session of the day. The guitar played for about 4 mins, then I did some editing to the voice, hit play, and it is silent. Not muted, just not sounding.

Can you attach the project you’re working on?

Enlightenment for DS.dorico (3.5 MB)
Hi Daniel, Here is one of the effected projects. Thanks.

Thanks for attaching your project. What I was looking for was evidence of multiple instruments being routed to the same endpoint, or independent voice playback being configured in a troublesome way, but there doesn’t appear to be any misconfiguration like that. As an experiment, try applying one of the factory playback templates, to see whether that helps.

Thanks Daniel, I tried applying both the HSSE SE and HSSE + HSO (Pro) playback templates and most instruments were silent. Looking at Halion Sonic 7 during playback I saw the green activity indicators, but no instruments were assigned to the slots except for the tabla. I am not so familiar with this area but expected that applying the default playback template would have loaded the default instruments into the slots. Please correct me if I am wrong here?

No, that is exactly what I would have expected as well. When I apply e.g. the default Iconica Sketch, HSO, Olympus, HALion Sonic Sel, GASE playback template, I find that Dorico loaded patches into 15 out of 16 slots, and loaded one instance of Groove Agent SE for the drum kit. Could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file here so I can take a look and see if any content is missing on your system?

Thanks Daniel, attached as requested.
Dorico (835.5 KB)

Ah, I had forgotten that you are using Dorico 4, and unfortunately the logging for that version does not include this information. I’m not sure what else to suggest at the moment, I’m sorry to say.