Instruments in C - {@stafflabelsfull@} doesn't include transposition

In the Page Template, I have changed the Default Part: First Page template to have {@stafflabelsfull@} at the top of the page, because I want the format to read, for example, “Horn I in F”. This works perfectly.

The problem is this: although it will show “Trumpet I in Bb” it will not show “Trumpet I in C”, which is what I want. It just shows “Trumpet I”. Does anyone know I can make an adjustment so the “in C” text is showing?



You could change the instrument name to “Trumpet in C”.

You’d have to change it in both though and then the automatic instrument numbering might not be helpful.

Is the Trumpet in C’s instrument name perhaps set to hide transposition always?
Click the three dots to the right of the instrument, then Edit Instrument Name. The Show Transposition option is at the bottom of the Edit Instrument Name dialog that appears.

(You’ll need to either do this for both of the Trumpets in C or you might be able to get away with performing for one, then Save As Default in the bottom left corner of the dialog.)

Hello, Show transposition is set to “Always” in both C Trumpets.

I’ve actually replicated what I wrote above in a new score, just in case I had unwittingly tampered with some settings along the way.

I think I tried this as part of my experimentation but unfortunately the syntax ends up as Trumpet in C I and Trumpet in C II.

Why don’t you write “Trumpet I in C” and “Trumpet II in C”?

Because they’re different, there won’t be any auto numbering.

Because I rely on the auto-numbering for all the other instruments.

Fair enough

I’ve tried adding other C instruments as an experiment - Clarinets in C, Horns in C, just to see what happens. They all lack showing this transposition, so it must be by design. Either that or a it’s setting buried in the depths somewhere, but I’ve looked pretty thoroughly.

It’s not by design. What template did you start from? In a new empty I project I just added these instruments and Dorico gave me this:

Either there’s something in one of the templates or someone’s previously meddled with the instrument name defaults.

…and this Layout Option puts the numbers where you want them.

That all checks out - thanks for that. I started from a template that I tweaked a bit from scratch when the latest version came out.

I realise now I left out one critical detail in my initial post - it’s the parts where the transposition is not appearing. This is what I was referring to at the start when I said I had altered the Page Template. {@stafflabelsfull@} seems not to show any instrument “in C”.

You’re absolutely right. I guess this thread just became a feature request.
[and I’ve used my magic powers to edit the tags accordingly.]

I suppose you’ll have to work around it by either manually overriding (typing onto) the individual pages in your layouts (if you only have a few C layouts and it only affects the first page of each) or duplicate your Page Template Set and adjust the Page Templates so that either {@LayoutName@} is used or {@stafflabelsfull@} is followed by “in C”. Then set the Layout Options for just the C instrument layouts so that just they use this altered Page Template Set.

I’m out of time, it’s going to be easier to write it in pencil for the two Trumpet parts :slight_smile:

I’ll tag @dspreadbury so he can take a look at this.