Instruments numbers

Hello again.

Since I love Dorico I’m using it for my final thesis in composition.
I know there are a lot of things Doric still can’t handle, so I’m exporting a PDF to a graphic software and make those changes in InDesign to prepare the score for the print.

Now. I would like to have the elegant layout for the horns 2+2 where i can see the thing you see in the attach
Schermata 2017-04-08 alle 09.32.01.png
I know this is not possible yet in Dorico but that’s not a problem, that is why I’m using InDesign.
What I want is the names French Horns to disappear, so I can edit the images in the other software.

If I edit Horns name in Setup mode (I insert a space instead of the name), label names goes away but I still see the numbers!

Any way of getting rid of Horns numbers?


You could put them into separate groups in the Players panel in Setup mode: players in separate groups are numbered independently even if they have the same name, so even if you have two instruments called " ", provided they’re in separate groups they won’t be numbered as 1 and 2.

Hey Daniel, that could be an idea. Thanks!