Instruments sometimes sharing staves, sometimes not

Can’t see this discussed anywhere, sorry if I’ve missed it.

What is the best way to handle an orchestral score with, eg 2 flutes, where sometimes they play the same music and can share a stave, and sometimes are playing different music and so need different staves?


Dorico’s current method for handling this is no more or less elegant than that you might employ in e.g. Sibelius. However, the intention is that if you enter the music onto each player independently, i.e. you simply enter the music for flute 1 on his or her staff, and enter the music for flute 2 on his or her staff, in due course Dorico will be able to produce the conductor’s score for you dynamically and automatically. A good deal of groundwork for this is already in place, but we will not be able to return to this area to flesh it out until we have implemented a few more of the missing pieces that are preventing some users from being able to use the software very much at all (things like chord symbols, cues, unpitched percussion notation, and so on).

I have a situation where in a choral piece, part way through, I want to change the Soprano staff to a Tenor staff, and the Alto staff to a Bass. I can’t find a way of doing this in the help file, nor in the forum. Any help will be much appreciated.

That’s where assigning two “instruments” (S & A to first player, T & B to second player) to a “Player” in Setup and entering the different parts in Galley view would be appropriate.

Thank you for that Derrek, However, when I did what you suggested it changed the parts right back to the start of the piece and not from the position where I wanted to make the change. There must be more to it and I am probably missing something. Any Ideas?

Derrek’s solution does work… does this look familiar ? :

And here is a short movie showing this process. (No attempt at beautiful music here! :wink: )

Can you show a (cropped?) screenshot of what you are seeing and say what is wrong?

You said you were trying to change S/A into T/B … that’s not what you’re attempting in this video…

Hi fratveno - I’m not the original poster of this - just wanted to help by showing alansdoric the process of how to get two “instruments” (in this case vocal parts) assigned to one player and have the 2 staves of music entered (in Galley mode) show as one stave that at a certain point change to another voice. In my movie example, I showed Soprano going to Alto, and Tenor going to Bass, but the procedure is the same no matter what voice (instrument) changes to another. In BernardHughes’ case, I believe the best way to achieve having 2 parts that sometimes have identical music and other times different would be to use 2 staves, or ONE stave that indicates a2 where both play identical music. Daniel mentioned in his reply that some of this may become more automatic in a future update (if I read this correctly).

Derrek here is a screen shot of the situation. I hope it is self-explanatory.
Screenshot (1).png

Derrek, I’m sorry I did not explain fully. The Tenor and Bass names were added by just using the text command. What is happening is that subsequent staves are still labelled S and A, and in spite of the Tenor part having the correct clef the playback is still an octave higher!

Here is a quick and dirty sample of what I am talking about. Look at the Galley view in Write and the Full Score in Print. (365 KB)

Thanks Derrek. I think I get the message now!

Best of luck with your project.