Instruments - treble clef instead of bass clef

Hi everyone,

I write pieces for swiss carnival bands, consisting of trumpets, trombones, baritones and tubas. Until now i was working with sibelius and i’m considering to change to Dorico Pro because i really like the idea of the workflow and i’m already working with cubase.

All of our players can only read the treble clef, so i have to write the player parts and the conductors score all in treble clefs.

I was playing a bit with the trial and i found the trombones and baritones to be with C bass clefs only, at least for the conducters score.

Is there a way to change the default clef of the instruments? In sibelius i was able to edit and costumize every instrument.

Is there another workaround? I was tinking of taking the trompet for every instrument since the key is the same and then change the name, transposition and the VST instrument afterwards to “emulate” the other brass instruments. But that seems to be a little bit too arduous for me.

Thanks for your time in advance!

You can’t yet create and save custom instruments, but you can certainly create a project with the changes you want, and save that as a “template” file.

You can change the default names for instruments, just not the clef.

Thanks for your answer Dan, so you mean i can just change the clef for concert/transposed pitch as described in the manual at page 674?

In my case, i would have to change the clef for concert pitch, for the treble clef to appear in the conductors score?

If I’m not mistaken, you can also change the clef to whatever you like:

  1. After adding the players/instruments change to write mode
  2. Select the first item in your desired staff
  3. Invoke the clefs popover with Shift-C
  4. Type “g” or “treble” and hit Enter
  5. BAM! Treble clef.

You can change the displayed clef by context-clicking on such a custom clef and selecting the desired clef from the “Clefs” menu.

Yes, but I’m talking about saving defaults.

Okay, i can live with that!
Thank you very much for your answers, i didn’t have a lot of time to play with the settings myself since i plan to buy dorico with the current discount campaign. :wink:

Check out the Brass Band template. Most everything is Treble Clef. Delete the instruments you don’t need.

You are brilliant, that works! Thank you very much for your help.

You can’t change the clef in the counductors score, it only changes in the players part.

That’s not true!! Not sure what you’re doing wrong…

Ok, i noticed two things:
When i select the new clef from the context menu, it doesn’t work (even after i selected the first note). When i select the new clef from the right tab in the write mode, it works fine.
I don’t know the exact difference, but apparently that’s what i did wrong.

The options from the Edit/Context Menu only work once an explicit clef is set which is what the one from the Panel does.