Instruments unassigned when loading a template

In Dorico 3, when I choose to start a new file from a template, I have to go into the play menu and select “load sounds for unassigned instruments” or nothing will playback. I never had to do this in Dorico 2. What’s wrong? Shouldn’t the factory templates load their sounds automatically?

Are you talking about HALion sounds or from another VSTi? What is your playback template?

I’m talking about Halion sounds. I have the playback template set to “HSSE+HSO (Pro)”.

I’m talking about Halion sounds. I have the playback template set to “HSSE+HSO (Pro)”. When I add a player, the instrument sound gets loaded but when I open a template there are no sounds until I choose “load sounds for unassigned instruments”.

On further experimentation: I opened the factory template for SATB unaccompanied, there’s no sound on any of the instruments. Then I go to play mode and just click to edit the Halion. When that opens, the sounds get added and everything is fine. In other words, simply opening and closing Halion editor loads the appropriate sounds. This sure looks like a bug to me!! I even tried reinstalling the application and that didn’t help.

I don’t think this is a bug, since other users are not experiencing it. I recommend you try quitting Dorico 3, deleting the VSTAudioEngine3 folder from /Library/Preferences (Mac) or VSTAudioEngine3_64 from %APPDATA%\Steinberg (Windows) and then restart Dorico to see if that sorts it out.

Thanks Daniel. There is still a very slight delay in loading the sounds but that seems to have corrected the problem as they are now loading automatically. Thanks again.

Great, I’m glad that’s sorted out for you.