instruments will not load

Working on a piece in Cubase 7.5. I am at version 18.

Today when I loaded that version it said certain instruments could not be loaded, some did. I tried to load earlier versions and got the same message.

(Play could not load F: EWQL Orchestra Lib/Silver samples)

The project was done in EWQL Platinum not Silver. I do have silver samples.

Any ideas what may have happened.

Thanks - Jim

One thing is to check the amount of memory being used when Cubase is loading. Some sample players need to use the physical memory and you may be approaching the limit. You can check this with the Task Manager, Performance Tab.


Thanks, plenty of memory, it is looking for files that I am not using in the project. It has loaded the files successfully many, many times then it suddenly starts looking for EWQL Siler files instead of Platinum.