Instruments with unlimited horizontal bars

I like to have a instrumenttrack what stays horizontal for measures. like in my DAW Cubase
How to do this in Dorico ?

I’m not sure I understand exactly, but you can add a bazillion measures to any flow. Add a time signature, then Shift-B, 1,000, Enter. (The popover does not yet recognize “bazillion” as a valid syntax) :sunglasses:

In write mode->View ->Galley View is what you want I think.


p.s. But you still need to follow Dan’s advice to add bars.

Yes, that’s not a issue the number of bars … its like in a DAW
Gonna be a long arrangement with that number :slight_smile:

You can view your instruments in a DAW-like view in Play mode - is that what you mean/want?

Thanks for the pic !
Yes, your pic shows the galley view…that’s the layout i am searching for now.
At the moment i don’t want composing with Dorico , but it is more a study thing in this galley layout : seems to be easier to get more control and oversight on the instrument sections (flows ) ( the studymaterial is also presented in a DAW )

I must have a oversight in the write mode of the transferred studymaterial, and seeing the notes in order to get the whole picture for studying

Now i must learn some basic editing in Dorico and maybe there is a short tutorial for this on the forum?

Doing the writing with the keyboard is a too long timeconsuming learning process for now, so i must do it with the mouse.
And there is also a step input mode?

For getting notes into Dorico, this other playlist might also be helpful: it covers a lot of the Write mode, inputting notes/notations sort of topics: