Instument hidden in Galley view

The Bass doesn´t show up in Galley view.
This is completely the other way around! I have tried removing all condensing and stave sharing even, but that should only apply to page view, anyways?

The instrument filter overlay is empty so its not that. What can it be?

Can you download a Dorico excerpt, perhaps just the first couple of measures of the affected section, so we can see what you have selected behind the scenes?

Sure I would love to, but what is a Dorico Excerpt?

Sorry for being a bit dense :grinning:

Are you sure you didn’t filter that instrument out in galley view (the instrument filter is a floating window at the top left of the screen)?

Copy your project file and then delete all but a few measures that illustrate your problem.

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Bass missing in Galley.dorico (1.9 MB)

Yep, I said so in the OP :blush:

The problem is that you have used the -staff to hide the TAB of the Bass Guitar. Remove that (delete the signpost in Write mode), and you will see the Bass in both Galley and Page views.

If you do not want to see the TAB in the full score, you need to change the display of Bass in the Layout Option only to show the Bass staff in Full Score. You can still show the TAB in the Bass G part by changing that layout option.


Oh, my! Thats it! Thank you!
I have changed that back and forth and deleted all staff visibility flags, but probably not at the same time :smiley:
Feel like one of those monkeys set down to write Shakespear :rofl:

EDIT: Found it: There was a “staff-1” flag that was only visible in Page view, but as I had “Hide empty staves” active, the flag was not to be seen anywhere.

Old post:
No, wait! I am confused.
This is to make it visible in Page mode, correct?

I still dont see it in Galley view?
I try to create a whole new Full Score Layout and still missing.

Yes, @Derrek is right. If you don’t want to see the tablature but do want to see the staff notation, use the option in Layout Options rather than trying to remove the staff via Edit > Staff > Remove Staff.