Integrate download manager and library manager and both better with cubase

Because disk space isn’t without limits even today, the permanent duplication of downloaded files and the installation is an unneccessary burden. Worse if one deletes, the download manager looses the knowledge about what is installed already.
This even affects the update checking for e.g. the cubase software itself. There at least seems no integration at all between download manager and the installed software, which means the check for updates is a manual process.
This can be improved for sure.
The same lack of integration between download manager and the library manager exists, where given the size of some content packages ( which in itself is of course a feature not an issue! ) the duplication of download and installation can become an issue.

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+1 for this request.
Given what other music software companies are doing, Steinberg is late to the game on this functionality. Even just a summary of products release updates by date in one place would be a help.