Integrate Spotify/Apple Music into Cubase 10


nowadays when rarely anyone has any music for reference on the harddisk it’s hard to use all those reference tools.
It would be great to just have a reference Plugin like this but just connecting it with your streaming provider.
So that i can play a song from spotify in the plugin that i put on my master channel and just switch back and forth with my track.
In my mind this shouldn’t be technically too challenging, but what do i know;)


I see your point, and yes that would be nice to have…

But… For such a critical thing as mixing and referencing one should use music in full quality Wav format and not some lossy compressed MP3 format.

Does Spotify stream 320Mp3s oder Wavs?
But nonetheless, i’d rather have a 320mp3 than nothing;)
Especially because it’s mostly about volume and not adjusting the exact highs as in the reference.

No streaming service will ever stream Wavs, simply take too much bandwidth and disk space.
But I don’t expect your suggested feature is something that would ever happen.