Integrated EQ pre or post?

Is the EQ integrated in the Cubase mixer a pre EQ or a Post EQ? is there a way to switch it between post effects and pre effects?

The little half-moon with a dot icon on the Strip tab toggles between Pre and Post:


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How to Use the Channel EQ in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube

check this video to get familiar with eq and signal flow

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Thank you guys!

Minute: 5:31

But take into account that the PRE Section (filters, polarity and gain) are always PRE, even though they are visually at the left side of the EQ. It’s processing position doesn’t change when you switch the Channel Strip position.

Are you telling me that icon only moves the channel strip from right to left without any function?

Or what Im missing? When the channel strip is on the left side and you place the mouse over the icon, a legend appears that says “move channel strip to post inserts” and viceversa, that is exactly what Greg Indo explains… maybe im not understanding what do u mean.

Oh, no. Greg is of super course right. What I am telling is that when you press that button, the whole channel strip (gate, eq, comp, sat, and so on) is moved to the desired position, with exception of the PRE Section (filters, polarity, gain). The PRE section is always at the beginning of the chain, pre inserts, although it is visually placed near the channel EQ. At the beginning this was confusing for me, at least.

You are right, how strange is this, it does not make sense to me, it should move the complete filter… I hope this be added at some point

It’s just sort of legacy from the past. If I remember correctly the cut filters were always at the beginning of the signal chain, so it looks really weird to have them right next to the parametric when their location is somewhere else.

I think there’s something to be said for having them at the start just based on how analog consoles often were laid out.

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Actually I think it is good that the PRE section doesn’t move. Pre gain should be applied of course at the very beginning. Any other volume change can be managed in plugins or with the fader, but I want to set the level with which my signal begins entering the chain. It happens very often that one wants to filter (high pass and low pass) a signal at the very beginning, too. If, alternatively, one wants to apply filters later in the chain, it is possible to use an eq (channel eq or an insert) for this purpose.

Only thing I find weird is it’s visual placement, at the left side of the EQ, giving the impression it belongs to the EQ, but it is not.

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