Integrated Graphics vs. Discrete Graphics Card

What’s the latest on this issue?? Advice years ago was to use discrete graphics, but maybe things have changed with the CPU power today.

My system

Asus based i7 2600 k oc to 4.5

I ran it without a graphics card and was fine but a bit twitchy on the asio meter.

Installed a saffire 5450 and it stopped it.

So my humble opinion would be better to use a card

depends on what you need it for. some users have complained of sluggish mixer graphics in Cubase 7. I upgraded my graphics card a year ago for video editing. got an NVidia with cuda gpu. makes my video editing much smoother with hardware fx support. Cubase doesn’t support cuda directly as far as I know (though some plugins do, like nebula). but my Cubase graphics are slick. also, even though the card has a fan (unlike my older one) it is quiet. think it is NVidia gtx460 overclock model. around £130 . ed