Integrating Wavelab with cloud storage


Does anyone know how well Wavelab integrates with corporate AWS-style cloud storage? Would it be limited to syncing working folders or is possible to work directly to the cloud for some settings or files? I have no experience of working with enterprise-level cloud services, so my assumption is it’s a back-up storage only but perhaps it’s capable of more.



I don’t know how well it works now but I would love to see some ability to store your WaveLab preferences in Dropbox or iCloud so that when you use WaveLab on your other computers, you can easily keep the settings and prefs in sync.

Wavelab works ok directly over gigabit ethernet, but I don’t know anybody with gigabit symmetric internet. AWS talks about mounting as a block device, but I would think it would still be dependent on the limited bandwidth, but maybe not, I’m certainly no expert. But I would think Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud would probably be good for sync.

I think you can already do that with the settings controls in Preferences/Global/General, unless I’m missing something.

Thanks very much for that response- the “block device” you mention is the terminology I think I’m looking for. That seems like the ability to mount cloud storage to act like an system drive or server. It would be interesting to see what sort of latency Wavelab could handle before it cut out. I’m on an internal network server on a gigabit switch but even that sometimes gets choppy playback, so my guess is Wavelab is pretty sensitive to data interruptions.

If anyone is looking for Block level disk access over a local network, and don’t really care about Cloud storage, they could also check out iSCSI, NDAS, or AoE, although iSCSI can also go to the cloud I believe. NDAS is super easy and inexpensive to try, but it might not be made anymore. I’m not sure.

Amazon Cloud storage is what I’m specifically being asked about. Perhaps could be a possibility if the data pipe is big enough and fast enough. And close enough I suppose for data latency. Thanks for your ideas bob99.

Any AWS users out there using it for audio?

Big enough, fast enough, close enough… None of these are a concern if you just work locally and synchronize your files before and after jobs.