Integration of Wavelab in Cubase Part 2

Integration of Wavelab in Cubase
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Does Wavelab run as a VST in Cubase? Is there any special integration since they are both Steinberg products? Would be great to see Wavelab with ARA (ARA as in Melodyne) integration or even something better?

The reason I ask is that I have dropped Cubase as my main DAW but if Wavelab fits like a glove inside Cubase that could change my mind. The one very important issue is that audio clips can overlap and both be heard. Yes there is a work around which does not work properly. Studio One, Sonar, Reapar and FL Studio allow overlapping audio clips to be heard even if not faded.

This could be a game changer for me so would love to check put your input.


Integration between Cubase and Wavelab was lost with the introduction of Cubase SX. I believe the reason was because the huge requests for Cubase at that time to have multiple undo’s.

Prior to SX you could double click on a wave part in Cubase and Wavelab would automatically open, make your edits, close Wavelab, and the edited results were automatically updated in Cubase.

It was fantastic, fast, and made a lot of sense. It was also a time when the Cubase wave editor was horrible. But to this day I still by far prefer the Wavelab editor and I still miss this integration.

The only current Cubase “integration” I know of is on the export page you can add an editor so it opens when you export something.

This is how it works in Ableton Live, since Live doesn’t have any significant sample editing capabilities. When I worked in Live, I had WaveLab configured as my sample editor. I had to rig up a batch file to launch WaveLab and set THAT as my external sample editor because of how WaveLab’s own launcher works, but it worked just like you describe.

Cubase’s internal sample editing does most of what I normally need to do in a track (fades, silence, cropping, normalizing), but I agree it would be nice to be able to bounce out to WaveLab from within Cubase.

These days I try to do as much as I can from inside Cubase, and usually only use WaveLab for mastering or for special editing projects.

So Wavelab is not a VST but a stand-alone application.

Can both Cubase and Wavelab can be open at the same time?

Can you copy and paste audio tracks back and forth?

Yes WaveLab is an app, not a plugin.

You can have both apps open at the same time under different conditions: If you’re on Windows and using ASIO drivers, if you only have one ASIO device, then only one application will be able to use it at a time. Cubase always hangs on to your audio interface while it’s running, while WaveLab only tries to use your interface when it’s actually playing or recording… it is thus possible to be able to run both programs at the same time, but depending on what you need to do you might still encounter problems.

If you have two different interfaces connected, you can assign one to Cubase and the other to WaveLab and then both can both run and be fully operational at the same time. I do this sometimes.

I’m not sure I’ve ever tried to copy/paste between the two apps. WaveLab deals in raw audio whereas Cubase deals in tracks, clips, MIDI, etc… there probably is SOME level of copy/paste between the two apps, but I’m not sure what the limitations are.

Even though they’re both Steinberg programs, they were developed by different people, have pretty different interfaces, and do not have any native integration with each other.

I am disappointed, but life goes on.

I thank everyone foR the prompt and very
informative and detailed replies.

It is a missed opportunity, I would love to see a tight integration of the two.

They are of course different applications but there is a limited kind of integration using the post process option in the Export Audio Mixdown window. Deeper integration is difficult due to unlimited undo and the processing history of Cubase.

I would like to report there are other DAW’s with unlimited undo that manage to release the file and open in another editor (process). Some have problems accepting changes back into the DAW but it is possible.

Yeah I’m sure it’s possible. More flexibility/integration with WL or other external editors would be helpful.

The pre-Cubase SX integration was super fast and absolutely fantastic.

But I doubt it will ever be revived. Every developer needs to appeal to the DAW mass market, and we are way past the environment we were in before Cubase SX. Bottom line I think is not enough interest especially considering the price of Wavelab. I wish I was wrong.

Wilcofan what other DAWs do you refer to that could do what Cubase did prior to Cubase SX?