Integration with Cedar Audio

Does Nuendo integrate with any Cedar Audio software, such as Pyramix 64?

You can use the Cedar DNS plugin in Nuendo.


Was just looking at their website today but couldn’t find any purchase info. Anyone know what the cost is?

And if you’ve experienced both that and the Izotope, is there a huge difference and worth a switch? (from izotope…)


You have to pruchase it through your local authorised) dealer.

Cedar is better than RX, no doubt about it.
But RX comes close …


Thanks, it’s a bit of a price hike so maybe not this time, just got an RX6 upgrade for $399, lol.

It’s also only available on macOS.

That’s not correct.
It is availableb as VST plugin.
I know the Yellowcab people in Paris are using the plugin in Windows Nuendo.


Sorry for the wrong info. I stand corrected, then.

Don’t have to apoligize for that.
It’s not a matter of winning from each other, it’s about providing help and information.