Integration with non-linear video editor

I’m a contemporary composer working with video, and I need to be able to edit video at the same time as I’m composing. The only solution I’ve found for frame-accurate sync is using Media Composer / ProTools / Sibelius on 2 separate computers with Satellite, which seems like a very expensive way to solve what should be a problem addressed similarly to how Sibelius runs as a plugin in PT via ReWire. Sure, there are solutions to be had using LTC/MTC, but I’m a bit fed up with working in an environment that’s not frame-accurate.

Now… since you former Sibelius developers have made your way over here… any chance you could integrate this functionality with, say, DaVinci Resolve—which I mention bc it’s also running Silicon native.

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Welcome to the forum, @Analogue_gal. ReWire has been deprecated and is not going to be supported in Dorico, but hopefully at some point in the future we will have some kind of sync solution to address these kinds of requirements.


This doesn’t sound like its an option for you if you have ruled out MTC, but others might be interested to know that the Dorico transport can control the Final Cut Pro X transport by loading Audio Design Desk’s DAW Bridge as the MIDI connector that sends SMPTE in TXL Timecode. I have gotten DAW Bridge to work in Nuendo without using TXL Timecode, but was unable to do the same in Dorico. Still, it’s something. ADD have said they are working on Resolve and Premiere extensions but I’m unaware of the current status. I agree for the best frame accuracy it will be very nice when a future version of Dorico has its own time sync integration.

This would be wonderful for me as a media composer as well. A tight sync protocol similar to avid satellite so one could sync daw/nle (video sync 5 etc) with Dorico!

I think OP wants frame accurate sync and mtc is not frame accurate as far as I know.

Also options similar to the video offset features for flows and project would be needed.