Intel 12th & 13th Gen Users

If you have a 12th or 13th gen Intel CPU, make sure that “CPU Parking” is disabled. You can check to see if it is in your “Resource Monitor”. “CPU Parking” was crippling my i9 12900k system for quite a while now, but after disabling it, I haven’t had any problems at all. Here is a video that explains how to disable it.

“CPU Parking” was causing my computer to have audio glitches in a lot of programs. This wasn’t just a problem in Cubase.


Mine seems to be ok but I’ll take a look at this anyway as it seems like a good idea anyway.

And now the question is.
Why did Intel come up with this ‘Parked’ state?
And are there any longterm ‘negative’ consequences when 'Parking CPU’s is disabled?

But thanks for the tutorial!

Its more like an efficiency and power option. Something like C-States, speedshift etc… But from OS level.

I think the only real drawback is it uses slightly more electricity. I noticed that my cpu idles at a slightly higher temperature then it did when CPU Parking was enabled.

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