Intel 13600k vs 12700k for Cubase 12?

I will upgrade my PC soon, so I need help from the forum about the CPU I have to choose!
Any opinions about new i5 vs last year’s i7??? Cubase needs more power cores or it handles efficiency cores too? Thanks in advance!

In this new era of Mac M1 and M2 processors, if I was sticking with PC in 2023 I wouldn’t consider anything less than an i9 processor.

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Either one will be plenty powerful for any CB project 99% of us will ever see.
Unless you’re doing full-orchestra with zillions of VSTs and go ballistic on plugins, you will still have headroom with the i5.
For about the same money, I would pair an i5 with a DDR5 mobo, instead of going i7 on a lower-cost DDR4 mobo. (these still support both DDR4 or 5, depending on the mobo chosen).

I would also consider the lower power i7-12700T to build a more quiet machine.
In any case, don’t over-spend on the CPU before investing in a fast SSD, 32GB (bare min. 16) of RAM, and a quality mobo/chassis. And please don’t fall for a fancy GPU! any basic but recent GPU will do.

I have i7 12700k, Z690 with 64GB DDR4 and I like how it performs. Overall very good and powerful CPU. I am thinking in future to upgrade maybe to i7 or i9 13th gen Raptor Lake - as Z690 are compatible with new 13th gen too. Overall of course Raptor Lake is better performing then Alder Lake - no doubts. But what is kinda drawback - its 13th gen huge power consumption and increased a lot heat… I have checked a lot of new reviews about 13th gen and all reviewers are complaining about huge power consumption increase and very bad thermals - as they all thermal throttle on almost any high end coolers even on stock settings and without any overclock… I think its great choice and 13600k or 12700k will be sweet spot. Overall I think you can build system on Z690 instead of Z790 as they both are very similar and Z690 good quality board could be found a little cheaper then new Z790 which are a little bit now overpriced. Same for CPUs - I saw 12700K in EU for 40 EUR cheaper then i5 13600K and 12700K will perform a little bit better overall too.

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Intel i5-13600K is faster than M2.
It’s year 2022 btw.