Intel 7700k vs 8700k

Hi all,

I’m trying to decide between these two CPU’s for a new PC build with 16GB RAM. Using Cubase 9.5. I have read that Cubase or DAW’s in general need a higher base clock speed especially when running large Vst intensive projects, which the 7700k has over the 8700k. The core count doesn’t matter as much, so I’ve read. The 8700k has higher cache though. It also has a higher core count but lesser base clock speed.

My question is between these two, which is the one to get ? They are priced similarly too. The confusing bit for me is that the 8700K is the newer generation CPU, so does this have an edge over the 7700K in aspects which I’m not aware off. Could it be better for a DAW and I’m not reading these numbers right ?

Looking to run some pretty heavy plugins but not sample intensive projects.

Would really appreciate any advice.

Cheers !!!

The i7 8700k has pretty much the same single core performance but noticeably better multi core performance. Go with the 8700k if you can afford it.