Intel core M3 (new macbook) with Cubase 8

Buenos dias,

I would like to ask about your experinence o advise about a doubt.i’m about to change of Pc and i would like to know if you know if the cubase 8 will run nicely with a m3 intel core and macbook.

I normally use maximum 10 tracks audio with exdrummer to create drumms and superior drumer to run it and east west piano or hammond, audio and guitars work on audio tracks.

Do you think would work woth the intel m3 and 8gb? Do you suggest something?

Thank youuuu!

Come on mate, behave. This is a forum and thats a legitimate question.

Yes it should be fine - here some benchmarks

You may have to use light version of the piano etc… bit of experimentation needed if/when you get the macbook.


Nice try but i was asking about m3 core experiencies with cubase on osx not windows, please leave the irony to clever people :wink:


Yep, i thought the same, the benchmarks i saw are very similar to i3 of 5th gen or less, but meaby already experimented with this and can give me/us a feedback about how would be.

I will investigate little more :slight_smile:

Many thanks