Intel HD3000 Graphics issues [fixed?]

There has been a graphics issue with Cubase 9.5 producing either
1] black boxes in the inspector, or
2] the selection range area of either the midi editor or sample editor appearing as black.
This depended on which maintenance update of 9.5 that a user was running [specifically on the graphics2d.dll file in the cubase installation folder].
At the end of the thread Felipe stated that Steinberg were no longer supporting Intel hd3000 since Intel did not support it on Windows 10.
If you are interested see
I did have a mini rant about this after Felipe’s statement :angry:
Nevertheless, out of sheer curiosity I took up the 50% offer on Cubase Pro 10, and installed. What do you know? I cannot find any graphics glitches at all on my machine!! Yeeha :smiley:
Message to Steinberg: whether it was an unintended consequence of new programming or not - a big thanks anyway. [But don’t inadvertently break it!].
To anyone else still working with 9.5 on an Intel hd3000 graphics machine, struggling with glitches, give v10 a go. C10 is rock solid and despite many complaints I have read here about the new GUI, I quite like it.

Here the problem still exists in Cubase 10, only in a less drastic way:
In the Inspector and in the Mixer, Inserts are all black with white fonts, and all Sent levels are black, both independent of color settings.
At least everything is readable now, though it’s not ideal…

Hi Anthonie.
Yes, you are right.
But I can live with those - at least no information in the form of text, midi notes or waveforms is missing [as far as I have dug down]. Best thing to do for the future is to keep a backup copy of the graphics2d.dll file which resides in the cubase installation folder. If any graphics are broken in future maintenance updates at least we can replace the new file with this one.

Unfortunately this workaround with the file graphics2d.dll version out of Cubase 9.5.21 doesn’t work anymore here since Cubase 10.0.15: the program won’t start with it.
The last version it worked here was Cubase 10.0.5

Hi Anthonie. I think you misunderstand me. This version of Cubase 10.0.20 is the best so far for me because the graphics problems are minimal as you described. So, what I have done is saved a copy of the graphics2d.dll file which is in the cubase 10 installation folder. Should a future maintenance update [e.g. 10.0.30] do something problematic with the graphics [as happened in 9.5], it is a simple matter to replace the graphics2d.dll file in the new 10.0.30 installation folder with this 10.0.20 version. Yes?

I see. Yes, hopefully that works.
I make backups of most Cubase editions anyhow. (Program Folders and User Settings Data Folders)
Working now on Cubase 9.5.50 with graphics2d.dll out of Cubase 9.5.21.
(I will switch to Cubase 10 as soon as the rightclick toolbox is back to resizable as before but that’s another discussion)

Hello, will someone have all the “GRAPHICS2D.dll” versions of cubase 10 by chance? If you can send them to me by email, I appreciate it. Specifically, I was looking for the first ones, from C10.0.0, etc.
Thank you…

Hello, finally Steinberg answered me, and I have tried to replace the graphics files of The first installation of Cubase, 10.0.5 and it DOES NOT SOLVE the graphic problems. I have managed to patch to get the plugins that use Open GL2.0 to work, but the inspector display and some mix console buttons are still completely black … to investigate further.

Good night from Spain. I THINK I have solved my problem with this graphic (Intel HD 3000). I tell you around here, in case someone is interested or useful. All right. FIRST; I installed the appropriate graphics drivers for my laptop (AMD 6700M / Intel HD 3000).
SECOND; In the interchangeable graphics settings of the radeon I added CUBASE 10 and check “Power saving” (Intel HD 3000)
THIRD; I changed some Open GL files on the system, I had to modify permissions to be able to replace them, but some plugins like the Pulsar Audio Smasher or a more recent IK multimedia one like tape machines don’t work for me.
ROOM; I check that pressing Smasher works for me, if it does, we are fine. If I look at the inspector or the Mix Console and I see that some icons are not seen or are dark … we are almost done …
FIFTH; I load the PULSAR AUDIO SMASHER in the control room, or in a Cue Mix, or wherever and I can leave it OFF, but charged.

Pulsar Audio Smasher for my humble laptop (HP DV6b13ss) consumes a little bit of cpu even if it is turned off, apart from that I managed it when it was released when it was free …

Now it is the turn of Steinberg in case he wants to investigate on his own to please some users.

PS: I can provide the 4 files at no cost if someone needs them, just send me a PM and I will send them to your email account, without cheating or cardboard … I’ve had cubase a few times and for now, I’ll keep testing but today I am more happy and happy to be able to continue using my beloved Cubase 10. (Even so I will leave my Cubase 9.5 installed just in case)

Good night friends!!

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That is an excellent and well thought out solution @Pablin_Drummer . May I commend you on your hard work and thorough investigation leading to an Einsteinian solution. You are an example to us all.

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Thanks Bro!!

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