Intel Hyperthreading, on or off?


I know that Steinberg recommends to turn OFF in the BIOS the Intel Hyperthreading option for those who have the capable processors, but was wondering if there are some of you that don´t turn it off this feature and still get good results?


Check my specs, mine is ON all the time and works perfectly fine.

There’s a ton of info about this on the net. I have an Intel Core i7 920 and I leave it On and get amazing results! Been using this processor for two years now. I can’t speak for the old original hyperthreaded Intel processors, but the newer modern one’s work excellently with it on. People have also done benchmarks that show a marked improvement leaving it on versus turning it off.



Since I am new to the platform and mainly to Cubase, I disabled the HT feature, but noticed a PC slowdown in general and there was not any problem whatsoever with HT enabled, so I´ll turn it on again.
Anyway, I´ll look for more info about HT and Audio on the web :slight_smile:

You can look for more information on the web, but if your computer works with HT on, don’t care much about what you read, you might find conflicting information. I have conducted, as soon as I got the i7, many tests to be sure that HT would do no harm. and not only it doesn’t, but it really increases performance a lot, so trust your own machine behavior, is my suggestion.

Thanks ceanganb,

Hyperthreading is already ON! and I hope that when the time comes for real demanding rec. sessions, it will still be on :wink:


When HT first came out a few years ago it didn’t work well with Cubase. The new generation does, from all accounts, so the info in the KB is obsolete.

It is reassuring to know that I do not have to waste my PC´s resources by disabling the HT function!

Thanks mashedmitten

It would be nice to hear an official update on this from Steinberg. I’ve been leaving hyperthreading on lately - Cubase 6.02… so far, it seems fine.

I have it on as well and have done so since this new build back in April. No issues whatsoever to speak of in terms of ASIO spikes etc like we used to see when it was enabled.