intel i7 8086K v 7820X

I’m looking at a new desktop build, and information ( especially personal experiences )that can be shared regarding the two combinations of :

(A) Z370 + 8086K ( most probably a Gigabyte GA-Aorus Gaming 7)
(B) X299 + 7820X ( most probably a Gigabyte GA-X299-UD4 Pro )

The intended application will be cubase 9.5 pro, and a lot of VSTi’s , dominantly sample-based (eg HALion6, NI, VI-labs, ISW )


as I see it, it’s a toss up: the X299 based quad channel memory might serve you better. However the higher single thread clock speed of the 8086k processor will also no doubt enhance performance of Cubase. Samples and VSTi take RAM -… sadly I can’t tell you is what the real life difference might be. I am in your boat; about to build a new system I am going to x299 platform.

Whatever you choose, make sure you look yup the QVL (Qualified Vendor Lists) for the MB of your choice so that you can make sure you get the right memory and storage… for the Aorus Gaming 7, the info is here.

thanks for the info MrGetSliding,
yeah, both the Z370 and X299 have some pro’s and con’s
I have opted to go the Z370/8086K route (with the GA-Alpine_Ridge TB3 card).
I am sure it will be a huge improvement compared to my last PC, … ( I will no doubt miss the old WIN7 environment …)
All the best with your build too …

Thanks Stef, :slight_smile: