Intel I7 evo

Hi hope someone can help thinking of buying a new laptop with an Intel I7 Evo processor. But unsure what Evo is and if there would be compatibility problems with Cubase or third party software.
Peter M

The “Evo” epithet is only a new marketing branding reserved to somewhat full-featured laptops having the latest technologies.
The “Evo” branding uses a “regular” i7 processor and adds top-tier peripherals.
Nothing to worry wrt compatibility issues, to the contrary, you will have a fairly future-proof laptop for many years.

Note however that “Evo” usually means it’s an Ultrabook, not a laptop per se.
An Ultrabook is (usually again) a thinner, liter laptop that is great to travel with, but often has a smaller screen, and smaller fans… smaller fans also often means noisier fans under heavy loads. This may or may not be problematic for your usage, just keep that in mind when selecting your laptop/ultrabook.
Note that with a modern i7 rig, it’s relatively easy to keep it running cool at minimum fan speed during basic recording sessions, so the fan size may not be an issue after all.
(a moot point, or mute point in this case…)

What I would be careful with is just buying off the shelf computers. You see so many problems on here even on powerful machines. I would always go with a company who sell as an audio pc as they have tested for audio.

Agree. I’ve been doing this for my last 4 computers. The latest of which arrived about a week ago. They also make laptops for DAW use. The other great thing about using a dedicated DAW builder (or doing it yourself) is the computer comes with zero extra crap loaded onto it.

Hi Y-D
Will be using just to write using Sample libraries and VSTs so the fan noise won’t be problem. so once the spec is good enough all will be well.
Thanks for your help

Unfortunately have to get something quickly so can’t go that path. So have been doing a lot of research or the last week or so. The main problem I’ve found looking around is most laptops have the ram integrated into the motherboard and so can’t be upgrade on that particular laptop and they can’t source you one.
Thanks for you advice

Hi Raino
In hurry to get the upgrade so can’t go down that path. Thanks for posting the link may be useful in the future.