Intel X58 and firewire audio interfaces

I am looking to buy my first audio interface, and in searching around the forums here, a few posts caution buying an audio interface with firewire connection, unless you have a TI chipset.

I will be running Windows 7 64 bit, i7 960 processor, with intel x58 chipset. I am wondering if anyone that has experience with a similar setup could comment if they have had issues with firewire. Further, if you had suggestions about a specific audio interface to consider that would be helpful to. For the time being I will mainly be recording electric/bass guitars, vocals, and looking to get a drum machine. It is just myself, so don’t mind doing things one at a time, but definitely don’t mind paying more now for the ability to do more at once later.


nothiing worng with that most interfaces will work fine on VIA firewire as well as TI.
however the sandy bridge P67 system is much faster

Most soundcard manufacturers publish the chipsets which they have tested and approved, look it up for your specific choice. I have both chipsets in my DAW computer and everything works normally, see my signature for the gear I use.