Intelligent batch print mode FR

Since combining flows from different documents doesn’t preserve formatting, I was wondering if a batch printing mode would be possible that would perform the following:

  • select a list of files to be printed
  • option to automatically insert blank pages, so that every cue/flow always starts on a left page
  • option to automatically insert blank pages, so that a cue/flow with an even number of pages always starts on a left page. (both options would minimize the number of page turns during a film scoring session)
  • update the page numbers of all cues/flows, for continuous numbering across the full score.
  • update the {@TableOfContents@} field to display a proper table of contents for the score.
  • update the {@InstrumentList@} to display all instruments used throughout the score.
  • print the combined score

So, basically, creating a new Layout from multiple projects on-the-fly, while preserving per-page formatting…? :flushed:

Also, I don’t think there’s a single “Table Of Contents” token, is there? You have to create a ToC using FlowNTitle and FlowNFirstPage tokens for each Flow.

Technically, not a new layout, because it wouldn’t have to deal with combining instruments from different files, project settings etc. Just a basic adjustment of page numbers, TOC+Instrument List and automatic insertion of blank pages.