Intelligent window switching of VSTs when switching tracks

Hi there - I appear to be spamming the Cubase forum… forgive me. However…

At 1:49 in the following video, Homay from Spitfire Audio demonstrates the ‘link’ icon in Logic, which opens the corresponding vst instrument plugin window when switching tracks. At the moment, my workflow involves selecting the track, and then opening the track up with the ‘edit instrument’ control in the track inspector. I have that on a keyboard shortcut, but this instant, ‘intelligent’ switching would speed my workflow quite a bit.

Anyone else think this would be a really useful feature? I couldn’t believe it didn’t already exist.

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That would be a nice option to have.

I realized recently if you hit “V” (for VSTi, I presume) while you are on the track, the VSTi will open up.

I’m still learning about this, can’t remember whether I have to click or just hover, etc. It definitely works with the VSTi channel itself. It seems to me it works with the MIDI track as well, but that sometimes it doesn’t?

I use the MIDI rack, by the way, not midi tracks.

Hopefully there’s something in here that can help you!

The V key does not have a keybind by default afaik. What you probably did is bind Edit > Edit VST Instrument to it.

Damn! Why didn’t I ever think of that? Probably was not aware there was an Edit VST Instrument key action available. Thanks for this.

No prob! I came across that in a forum recently, found it really helpful myself!

Also saw Homays video and was amazed that cubase lacked this rather obvious functionality…
Am more than happy with the workaround described above. Thanks all

How is this looking? Sorely needed feature!
I keep opening numerous vst instruments and it’s hard to know which belongs to which track anymore.

Yer this is a functionaliuty that Logic has and Cubase misses. Very frustrating in Cubase to work with 1000 vst windows open… Please Steinberg, can you implement this?!