Intended navigational behaviour?


  1. In the video clip I use “S” and cursor right. After entering the second slur, the cursor skips the d# and goes straight to the e. Is it meant to be like that or is this a bug?

  2. I am in flow 3, nothing selected. Ctrl+mouse wheel is OK, but if I press z to zoom in, the view ends up in flow 1, bar 96. Pressing x to zoom out takes me back to where I were. Strange, or am I missing some point?


Please see this thread for some detail about how arrow key navigation works. In short, it’s not a bug.

Some of the zooming behaviour can be a little unexpected at times, and we certainly plan to continue to work on this in future updates.

Thanks, I read the other thread now but don’t get much wiser I am afraid. I still do not see the logic of the cursor skipping the d#. Don’t you agree that it is inconsistent?

I investigated the zooming in and out problem further. When I am in the middle of the score, page view with the pages in a row, nothing selected, Z will zoom in and move the view to the left, X will zoom out and move the view to the right.

If I select something, the selection will stay centered, except for if I select a barline. Then it stays almost centered.

Btw, in vertical page view mode, the navigation with home/end does not seem to work, but ctrl+home/end does.

Dear LAE,

there is no musical logic in the way the cursor navigates. It is purely graphical, so if the selection is nearer from the E than from the D#, one stroke on the right arrow will select the E. I guess using the down arrow could select the d#. Once you forget the musical logic with the arrows, you can get used to it. I admit it was not easy at first !

Dear Marc,
thank you for your answer.
OK, I now see the logic. I am not sure I can see the benefits, but maybe I will in due time…