Intentionally Blank Pages in Parts and Flow Tokens

For page turn issues, I’d like to create an intentionally blank (first) page in a part that however does have the Flow titles, Flow composer on it etc. but no music frame. I created a page template accordingly that I can insert for such occasions but unfortunately the flow tokens don’t work on this template as I guess the absence of a music frame on that page prevents Dorico from knowing which Flow Data it should use. Project Tokens do work but would obviously not be helpful when working on a multi flow piece.
Is there any setting or smart trick I could use to make the Flow Tokens appear on these pages?

If you specify the flow, e.g. {@flow1title@} then Dorico will reference it as expected. Granted, this isn’t much good if you’re working with a multi-flow project - you’ll either need lots of very similar Page Templates or lots of page overrides.


Thanks Leo, that might be a suitable workaround as I don’t expect to need a lot of such blank pages in the current project, still a bit laborous indeed.