Inter-app audio limited to 44.1khz

What’s this limitation all about?
Is it an Apple inter-app audio specs limitation, or is it a Cubasis thing?

I’m wondering, if this is an inter-app audio (apple) limitation, and since Cubasis can handle different sample rate audio files, couldn’t it just interpret inter-app audio tracks as being 44.1khz while still allowing for 96khz track recording in the same project?

It just doesn’t make sense to have these limitations if Cubasis can in theory work with all kinds of sample rates in the same project.

Good question.


Apparently Auria supports inter-app audio on any sample rate and bit depth, can anyone confirm this?

Re: Auria introduces Inter-app Audio support!
by Rim » Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:20 pm

IAA supports all sample rates and bit depths available in iOS (up to 32 bits and 96K), but it’s up to each app whether they support these. Most probably support 32 bit float and 44100, but it’s impossible to know. Auria supports 32 bit and all the sample rates.


This was from the developer in the auria forum


So I was just testing this out a bit further…

I’m using a drum track from DM1 through inter-app audio, when I changed the project from 44.1khz/16 bit to 96khz/24 bit I got the message saying I would get crackle issues with inter-app audio running at more than 44.1khz, but I ignored this and went for 96khz anyway and I don’t hear any sound issues at all.

However, when trying the same with iMini, I still get the crackling sound.

So what’s really going on here? Even if I’m only using DM1 and I don’t get the crackling sound, is Cubasis running the inter-app audio at 96khz sample rate, or is it still being processed as 44.1khz?

(freezing the DM1 inter-app audio track produces a 96khz audio file, can I trust it?)

Would be great to get some clarification on these questions since those answers will dictate how I (and possibly others) work with inter-app audio apps.




We decided to support only 44.1kHz with IAA as many third party apps had problems supporting 96kHz and caused many problems during our tests. We will reconsider supporting 96kHz with IAA at a later stage when hopefully most apps can cope with 96kHz.

Could you maybe add it as a user option?

Cubasis can deal with multiple bit depth audio files in the same project, could it not do the same with inter-app audio sources?

It’s probably tricky, but by using inter-app audio we’re limiting Cubasis to 44.1Khz, which is not ideal.

Also, considering that I don’t get any cracle issues with DM1 at 96Khz, could you please confirm that it is indeed working at 96Khz?