Inter App Audio

Anyone else having issues with InterApp Audio? When I route an audio track to Bias FX, xDrummer, Bias Amp, Drumperfect its very hit and miss if it actually routes the track to the app. I find closing down and re-opening a number of times sometimes fixes the issue other times I have to give up completely. This is with Ipad pro running no apps in the background and its the first track in open in the mix so cant be memory issues. I am a Cubaisis noob but used plenty of other DAW’s on Mac and PC. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Hi Disk078,

Up front, please make sure “Background Audio” is enabled under Setup/Audio in Cubasis.

Please note that Inter-App Audio comes with several limitations, which we’ve summarised in our dedicated Inter-App Audio article.

In addition, Apple already introduced the much more flexible Audio Unit standard, which can be seen as their successor to Inter-App Audio. Apple also announced that the IAA format is planned to be faded out and discontinued in the near future.

Hope that helps!