inter app synths reset alternate tunings to standard

There are many synths for iOS that let you use alternate and microtonal tuning scales. Some have a few built in and some even let you import from a huge library of Scala (.scl) files via iTunes sharing. I want to be able to use these in Cubasis. It is easy enough to set up the synth to an alternate tuning and record it as MIDI into Cubasis, but for some reason if I close my Cubasis project and open it again, the tuning is always reset to Standard. I have to go in to the synth and manually set it back to the scale I used. Then it works fine until I close it again.

I have tried this with two different synths, Sunrizer and Synth One. Every time, it resets to Standard tuning and I have to change it back. I guess I don’t understand why every other setting I change on either of those synths will stay where I put it, but not the tuning option.

I am new to Cubasis and this forum, so it could be there’s just something I’m not understanding about how tuning data works. If anyone has any ideas about using microtonal scales in Cubasis, your help will be appreciated! I don’t know if this is an issue with Cubasis inter app function or just an issue with those particular two synths. I don’t want to have to keep purchasing synth apps until I get one that keeps my tuning setting. :neutral_face:

Hi qrqyt,

Thanks for your message.

Please provide us with a bug report following this scheme:

Once equipped with the steps, we’re able to give it a repro to evaluate the topic.